March 2, 2016

What makes an IB library?

I couldn't agree more with the author, Stuart Crouch's, view on inquiry based learning and collaboration in between IB Librarians and teachers. I am glad to notice that I am on the way as I teach in collaboration at PYP and MYP level. As Stuart writes "The increased role of approaches to learning skills, such as information literacy and media literacy in our curricula, have meant that librarians are in demand like never before." 

I have had great collaborative classes with our MYP Science, Humanities, English and Music teachers. Connecting learning skills to the actual classroom experiences makes the benefits of acquiring and applying these clear for the students. And librarians can help out with developing other skills as well. Talk about organization in the library context. It's all about it. Our year 5, grade 10, students are about to complete their Personal projects, an engagement I as the Coordinator have guided, pushed and pulled them through.

Bits and pieces have happened with DP students as well. Mostly introducing the quality scholarly resources in and outside our library for their Extended Essay and TOK papers. Also, library being a place to crash at for studying and/or relaxing:) 

Some latest collaborative activities include PYP grade 3 innovation unit and exploring e-books, PYP literature circles, MYP information literacy classes on search techniques, plagiarism and citations workshops, and DP visit to the Tallinn University Academic library.

ISE IB Collaborative activities
Thanks for the great insight! I still have a leg of a journey ahead but I know where I want to get to. 

Read the full article How do you build your library to support inquiry-led learning? by Stuart Crouch.

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