March 7, 2016

CEESA Learning Innovated 2016

I am very excited of the opportunity to introduce the journey of our Learning Commons at CEESA Conference, Istanbul Turkey. Our Art teacher, Edna Vahter, and I are presenting at the CEESA Learning Innovated unConference - an innovative professional development event that CEESA is hosting for the second year. The unConference is facilitated by Joseph Barder.

What is an unConference?

Some key ideas:

     # participants set the agenda to explore topics that are highly relevant and important to them in an extremely collaborative and participatory environment;

     # everyone attending comes with the idea of sharing in mind;

     # everyone attending is responsible for their own experience; 

    # the most stimulating conversations generally take place over breaks when participants can interact with each other and discuss various topics, including their own professional interests.

Below Stanford IT unConference video illustrates the concept further.

“So much of life and work is overly structured that it doesn’t give us, or our ideas, the room to run and grow freely. By contrast, the unstructured, high-energy environment of the unConference amplifies ideas,” reflects one of last year's attendee of the unConference.

You can read more about our workshop in the next post.

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