February 15, 2016

International Day 2016

It is the time to celebrate the many cultures, nations and countries that come together in this little school, International School, in this little country, Estonia. International Day 2016 will take place this Wednesday on Friday 17th.

In order to think about cultures and people that live all around the world more often than just once a year I would like to share a challenge Ann Morgan took and encourage you do engage in something slightly similar, or at least read a book that comes from a non English speaking country. Listen to her TED talk on My year reading a book from every country in the world.

See what she read from Estonia and visit other countries via this interactive map. Get acquainted with nations, cultures and people through books from these countries to get inspired.

The following resources might get you inspired for reading and/or travelling or for both simultaneously. 
The best of world literature, chosen by Guardian readers was inspired by Ann Morgan’s article on reading a book from every country in the world, in which Guardian readers recommend their own favorite books from around the globe.
What would you recommend?

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