February 5, 2016

ISE Library working in collaboration with Tallinn University Academic Library

International School of Estonia and its library are happy to start a collaboration with Tallinn University Academic Library in sharing their abundance of printed and electronic collection, providing our DP students with a scholarly resources for their Extended essays, TOK papers and other coursework. 

Tallinn University Academic Library (Estonian: Tallinna Ülikooli Akadeemiline Raamatukogu) is one of the most comprehensive research libraries of Estonia in all fields of knowledge. 
The library was founded in April 1946 as the Central Library of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Although the library is quite young, the Library of St. Olaf's Church (founded in 1552) makes up the oldest part of the collections.

Image source: Tallinna Ülikool, Akadeemiline raamatukogu

The library holds over 2.5 million items. The number of the readers amounts to nearly 50,000. During the years the library has gone through several administrative changes. It is acting as a part of Tallinn University administrative structure as of 2003. 

In February Grade 11 students, Ms. Beth Dagitses, DP Coordinator and Ms. Kadri Tomson, MYP Coordinator and librarian visited the Academic library to set up the collaboration and register as readers at the library.

One of the many reading rooms
The stacks
Home lending room

Signing up to become the readers.

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