January 28, 2016

Read for success!

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I came across this article from Fast Company Connections that challenges you to read 50 books a year in order to"get you ahead in business". Read about world class leader like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban experiences on how they have benefited from reading.

Wise words 
- Ajit Singh, partner at the venture capital firm Artiman Ventures and consulting professor in the School of Medicine at Stanford University says "Leadership requires storytelling; the story can be the vision of the company, or an acquisition plan, or an impending layoff." 

- Joan Fallon, CEO of the biotech company Curemark, who reads a book a week explains "Reading forces me to stop thinking about my day-to-day life for long enough that I often find a new perspective or a new way of thinking about something," 

"Leaders are readers,"
author and syndicated radio host Dave Ramsey

What is your plan for your year 2016 of reading?

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