November 4, 2015

Announcing the results of Library Day activities

Please see the results of various activities that took place at the end of October during ISE Library Days. We had three days full of fun activities. A great big "Thank you!" goes to Ms. Reelika for helping to brainstorm the events, completing the Guess Who quiz and dreaming up the Book Tree for our book exchange. Another great big "Thank you! goes to Mr. Guido for making it happen.  
A new cozy reading nook under the tree.
And now to the results.

     Quiz "How many books/items in ISE Library?" 
25 student entries
Guesses in between 101 – 30.000

Correct answer: 11.482

Closest guess, 12.000, and the winner of a Book Store gift card - Mihkel Rebane! Congratulations!
     Lego Challenge
Our library added a new Lego nook during the Library Days where students were invited to create "Lego things."

15 Lego "Things" were built by individual and groups of students.
Voting took place on ISE Facebook page 

We recognize "The Park Breaker" by Kit from grade 2 (21 likes) with a small surprise from Lego. "The Park Breaker" was built at home with more time and variety of blocks.

The goal for the ISE Lego challenge was to invite students IN the library for an additional activity to reading and checking out books. Out of the Lego "Things" built in the library...

The winner of "We Play" store gift card with 14 LIKEs - "Ice-cream Parlour" by Anna and Tamsin from grade 5 ! Congratulations to everyone!

This little guy, actually called Yeti, by Harrot from grade 2 was my personal favourite.
Yeti by Harrot
    Guess Who?
This proved to be a very popular activity as you can see from the picture below. Some guesses were spot on, some not so much. Stop by the library to see the faces behind the books. A lot of fun anyways!

     Collaborative story
Everyone was invited to participate in creating a collaborative story by adding a line.
Opening line was picked from a classical children's story: “Where’s Papa going with that ax?”. Do you know the story with this opening line? Check out "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White!
Enjoy the story.

     Gr 5 - Gr 3 students engaged with kind bombing activity writing good wishes and thoughts on paper and hiding them in books.
The idea of creating a little something and leaving it and your trace in the world is powerful. What seems simple and almost like a prank, actually connects kids to the library and school and gives them a sense of action within it. They can actively shape their environment. Many notes are here yet to be found!

     PS-Gr 1 students were introduced to different kinds of libraries around the World through a discussion based on a book "My Librarian is a Camel: How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World" by Margriet Ruurs.
They also play various games available in the library as an extension to a traditional story time and reading regularly happening in the library.

    Middle School students participated in a "Discover the Library" forum on any question regarding the library followed by a scavenger hunt to find gems from the library.  Please see some of the questions posted during the forum. Did you know the answers for them? To find out more check out the Wonder Wall at the library entrance!

What do you think about these two questions posted to the forum?

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