November 9, 2015

MYP Personal projects 2015-2016

Year 5 students have finalized their project topics, goals and identified the inquiry questions. 

Please read the below introductions so you know what to look for. Show interest and support by asking about their progress. You are welcome to invite the students to talk about and present their projects in your class.

Topic: The World as it is right now, why does one have to suffer but not another.
Goal: Researching about different opinions (and mine) about the situation of the world we are in right now, then making a large scale painting mirroring the situation of the world.
Global Context: Fairness and development 
Inquiry question: Why is the world so absurd as it is right now? 
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Topic: Build and program an EV3 robot.
Goal: Build and program a robot that would look and act like a dog.
Global Context: Identities and relationships 
Inquiry question: How life-like can a robot be created using simply construction and programming methods such as Lego? 

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Topic: Job shadow advertisement posters
Goal: To bring my graphic design art skills to a new level. Encourage students to participate in job shadow day.
Global Context: Identities and relationships 
Inquiry question: Will I manage to improve my art skills by trying new technique?

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Topic: Software programming
Goal: To learn the basics of programming language (Java Script) and, demonstrate this knowledge by creating examples of simple tasks using Jaca Script.
Global Context: Identities and relationships 
Inquiry question: How can the ability to use JavaScript help someone in different areas of life? 

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I am looking forward to see the students progress and learn about their passion, successes as well as struggles.

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