October 8, 2015

Mini adventures in the library

Library Days are over for the year and the results of various competitions will be announced on Friday. I hope to meet many old and new readers and explorers in the library. See below for fun things to do at the library other than just check out books. Any of these ideas are a great boredom buster. Just tell your kid you have an adventure in mind and grip the task with energy. You will have a great time!

Please share the interesting, fun or just odd things your family does at the library with Ms. Kadri in person or in the comments section here on the blog.

1. Find out if the library has books in languages that you can speak (other than English).

2. Look for the biggest book in the library. Take your picture with it.

3. Browse the travel section, find a place you want to visit, make some plans. 

4. Go to the cookbook area, choose a recipe, go the store, get the ingredients and cook it that day.

5. Find a poem, read it out loud and then copy it into your journal.

6. Choose a random CD or audio book, listen to it all the way through.

7. Kind Bomb
Write good wishes and thoughts on paper and hide them in books in the children's department e.g. smile to a stranger, be nice to someone today.
The idea of creating a little something and leaving it and your trace in the world is powerful for kids (and adults). What seems simple and almost like a prank, actually connects kids to the library and school and gives them a sense of action within it. They can actively shape their environment.

8. Scan the books looking for quotes. Find a one and write it outside on the sidewalk with chalk.

9. Ask for paper and colored pencils. Draw from the easy I-Can-Draw-Books for an hour.

10. Take a present to the librarian

11. Leave a thoughtful review on a post-it note in a book you really loved.

12. Find out what resources your library offers. Databases? E-books? 

13. Occupy! Start or have a meeting, writer’s group, books club, adventure planning committee at the library.

14. Make photocopies of your hand, funny book titles, or weird images…

15. Make a list of suggested books and media for your library to buy. Make the library YOUR library.

16. Arrange a library tour.

17. Browse books on the flora and fauna. Look for something new. 

18. Check out the section to your favorite area - reptiles, art, and mystery...

19. Ask a question from the librarian. 

20. Read a biography on someone you know very little about. 

21. Find unusual names from books, make a list of funny name combinations, choose a new name for the day.

22. Hunt for authors with your same last name.

23. Look in the reference section. What is the weirdest reference book you can find?

24. Using old magazines, cut them up and make happy posters, rehang in the library.

25. Make sure you have an account in the library.

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