October 8, 2015

Library days "Let's Meet in the Library" 2015

October is the International School Library Month, Estonian libraries also celebrate Library Days at the end of the month.  ISE Library joins in the celebration from October 28th – 30th. Let’s Meet in the Library! 

Let's meet in the library!
Read about the various activities you are welcome to take part in. Join one, two, three or all. Discover our school library over again or from a new perspective.

     Community activities:

Mini adventure in the library 
Check out a list of fun things to do at the library other than just check out books. Any of these ideas are a great boredom buster. Just tell your kid you have an adventure in mind and grip the task with energy. You will have a great time! Use the opportunity when you come in for Conferences to have some great time in the library. 
Please share the interesting, fun or just odd things your family does at the library with Ms. Kadri in person or in the comments here on ISE Learning Commons blog.

Access the list here.

Lego Challenge 
Do you know you can do other stuff than checking out books at the library. ISE Library is introducing a new Lego makerspace. Come in to check it out and participate in Lego Challenge. Let you creativity loose, build a Lego Thing, take a photo of it and submit the photo along with the name of your Thing by e-mail to Ms. Kadri All photos will be uploaded to ISE Facebook page. The photo with most likes is the winner. 
Prize: Gift card from We Play store

Exhibition 20 years of books in ISE library 
Visit the library to see the books from 1995-2015 available at ISE library and a picture story of ISE library through 20 years.

Blind date with a book 
Do you like surprises? Would you like help deciding what to read next? Are you distracted by cover art that inaccurately portrays the content of a book? Let us take away the trouble of a decision and set you up with a date. Go on a Blind Date with a book! 
In order to go on a date wrap up a book in ‘oh so secretive’ wrapping paper, include 3-4 words description and you won’t know the ‘identity’ of your blind date till you get it home. 

How many books (items) in the library? 
Enter in the contest by recording the number and you name on a poster at the library.
Prize: Book store gift card

Write a collaborative story
Participate in creating a collaborative story by adding a line.

Guess who?
Do you know who likes to read what? Members from ISE Community had their pictures taken with their favourite books. Take a look and guess who is behind the book.

Libraries of the World
Going on a holiday, travelling, visiting new and exciting places? Take a moment to find the local library and take a picture in front of it. Submit your photo to Ms. Reelika or to Ms. Kadri in the library for an end of year "Libraries of the World" exhibition. Happy travels!

     Student activities:

Middle school
"A Discover the Library” forum on any question regarding the library will be held for middle school students during their study hall time. A scavenger hunt to find gems from the library will follow the forum.

Primary school
"Kind bombing" 
Write good wishes and thoughts on a paper and hide them in books in the children's department e.g. smile to a stranger, be nice to someone today.

The idea of creating a little something and leaving it and your trace in the world is powerful for kids (and adults). What seems simple and almost like a prank, actually connects kids to the library and school and gives them a sense of action within it. They can actively shape their environment.

Last but not least!

Grade 5 library Ads 
Enjoy the library advertisements made by grade 5 students. They created the videos to inform viewers of various reasons to visit the library.



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