October 7, 2015

MYP Personal projects

This post will inform you about the MYP Personal projects that all year 5, grade 10, students complete. For the second year I am the Personal Project Coordinator and believe that our library offers relevant and reliable resources for the research portion of the project.

The personal project is a chance for students to do what they want to do. Sound wonderful, doesn't it?
It is a product of their own initiative and should reflect their experience of the MYP. It provides an excellent opportunity to produce a truly creative piece of work of students' choice, to demonstrate the skills developed in approaches of learning and to show the understanding in areas of global context.

• engage in personal inquiry on issues that are relevant within a global context
• generate creative new insights and develop deeper understandings through in-depth investigation
• demonstrate the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to complete a project over an extended period of time
• demonstrate responsible action through, or as a result of, learning
• reflect on the process of learning and take pride in one’s accomplishments.

Current Year 5 students are working hard identifying their topics, goals , global contexts and inquiry questions. 

Please look at the last year, 2014 - 2015, projects for examples of students creativity and talent. Students created a variety of interesting products ranging from websites and videos to written products, books, paintings and gadgets. 

Topic: Creating an art piece: Acrylic painting
Goal: My goal is to share my experiences in the different countries I've been to, through art. 
Inquiry question: How to present 5 different countries by blending landscapes, symbols, and objects in one painting? 

Topic: Alternative energy sources for automobiles.
Goal: To research alternative energy sources and to invent a different energy source for cars. In order to make driving cheaper taking into consideration environmental impacts.
Inquiry question(s): What does a 22nd century car look like, need or how will it be special for 22nd century? 

Topic: Writing a "choose your own adventure" book for young readers.
Goal: To write a "choose your own adventure" book for young readers, to make the illustrations and to print it.
Inquiry question(s): How to organize a book, what makes it appealing to the reader, what are some characteristics to a children’s’ book. 

The book displayed in the library

Topic: Workout plan for teens
Goal: To create a workout plan to develop more muscular strength based on the results of the physical tests I'm setting up for ISE students
Inquiry question(s): How physically active are the ISE students? Does my workout plan work? Would they like to use my workout plan? 

Topic: Baltic States song
Goal: Create lyrics and melody for a song that informs the listener about the Baltic countries. Learn to play the song on the guitar.
Inquiry question(s): How to write a song with a catchy melody? How to include facts about the Baltic States in a song?

Performing the song
Topic: Human rights (Feminism)
Goal: To find out do men and women have the same rights in different countries around the world; how women and men are treated. 
Inquiry question(s): Why, in the 21st century gender inequality still exists? How women and men are treated? What do people in Tallinn feel about gender inequality?  

Topic: Operations with calculators
Goal: To explore and to demonstrate the fundamental principles of today’s computers by building my own simple adder.
Inquiry question: How does the simplest part of the computer, an adder, work? 

A 4 bit full adder (calculator) which is based on the binary system. The adder shows the basic function of a today’s computer.

Topic: Creating a website dedicated for teaching Hebrew.
Goal: To learn how to code using WordPress and how to teach a language, then design and create a website dedicated to introducing basic Hebrew and useful phrases, and market the website.
Inquiry question(s): How to teach a language, as well as how to code and create a website? 

Link to his wesite

Topic: Exploration of my father's side family tree and important Estonian people's historic events.
Goal: To study my father’s side family tree and Estonia's people's as well as my families journey through important events in Estonian history, to interview family members, write an essay and create a family tree map.
Inquiry question: What are relevant historical events and their effect on my peoples population/the population of my family? 

Topic: Human relationships and the stereotype of Estonians in Tallinn
Goal: To research psychology in order to learn about how to connect to people to interview/photograph them. Document all of the interviews on Instagram and my blog. To produce a short film about the process. 
Inquiry question(s): How to connect to people in a short amount of time in order to interview them? Are Estonians as superficial and cold as thought in reality? How to take quality pictures with a cellphone? 

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