September 29, 2015

Books as concept manipulatives

I came across an intriguing idea reading "The Library Element" blog by Philip Williams. I think it is worth sharing and exploring further. Have you ever thought of using books and library for math instruction? Organizing, sorting, counting, size and other math topics could easily be explored in the library. Great, or what?

"Books, as physical objects, can similarly be considered as  “concept manipulatives“. Apart from the rich stories, informational texts & all that books represent, the physical artefact that is a book gives students the opportunity to hold ideas in their hands. This is not a print versus digital argument either. It is simply an appreciation for the physical act of grasping a book or a pile of books on a subject & organising them, categorising them, classifying them, sorting them and all the while discussing & engaging with various concepts that may relate to that subject area. Even the act of searching the library shelves for a book engages the whole body in the process of research." Read more

Exploring books in the library.

Manipulatives in the library.
It all comes together in the library.

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