September 16, 2015

What's available at the library?!

This entry introduces the e-book collections and e-readers to access the books we have at ISE. You can access them through your computer or download a free e-reader app from AppStore - MackinVIA and Follett BryteWave
Both collections include materials, e-books and audio books, for younger and older students, free reading and some unit support.

Attached are videos that guide you through the readers and their features.

Computer access for MackinVia e-reader or via MackinVIA app.

Computer access for Follett Shelf or Follett BryteWave app

Please contact Ms. Kadri,, for log-in information.

In addition to our school e-book collection there are links to various free e-book sites via "Ms. Tomson Recommends - Online Resources" wiki

Please find me in the library if you have any further questions. Read yourself and/or show these to your students, children.

Do you prefer a book or a bookbook? (IKEA.)

Happy exploring!

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