March 4, 2013

Book Week 2013 Telling stories through different media

It has been a while since the last post. We have had busy times with preparing for annual Book Week and sharing stories using different media. Just as we are back from holidays let me give you an overview of the events and highlights of the Book Week.

Bookmobile, Katariina Jee, visited ISE on February 15th
A library bus from Tallinn Central Library came to our school. Students had a chance to experience how bookmobiles work and participate in activities led by Central Library media specialists.

ISE hosted popular Book Night from Friday evening till Saturday morning February 15-16th
It was an evening full of storytelling, activities and fun with books followed by a sleepover that took place in school.

Opening Ceremony was held on Monday February 18th
ISE Director Ms.Naglee said the welcoming words. MSP Drama students led by Doc Shepherd presented the popular fairy-tale of the three little pigs using different media to tell primary school students their story.

Mother Tongue Readings took place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 19th-21st 
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings parents shared stories in their native languages. We listened stories in French, Italian, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Japanese, Estonian, Finnish and Greek. Guests from Tallinn National Library German reading room read stories in German and helped to set up a display of German language children's literature.

Teddy Bear Picnic fun happened on Tuesday, February 19th 
Primary grades hosted ever popular Teddy Bear picnics. Upper school teachers read to students, parents helped providing yummy snacks. Students brought a favorite stuffed animal to a read aloud and picnic. 

Classroom Presentations and character parade put a stop for the busy and exciting book week on Thursday February 21st
Classes shared presentations based on this year’s theme of telling stories through different media.  Children dressed up and paraded as a favorite book character. 

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