March 8, 2013

Gr 1 visits Foreign Languages Library

This Thursday, February 7th, Grade 1 and Ms. Sirje invited me to join them for their trip to Tallinn Central Library Department of Literature in Foreign Languages which is basically  around the corner from our school at Liivalaia 40.
We toured the library, visited their children's sections, and did crafts. We looked at the books and  magazines in their collection. Learned about the biggest, smallest and thickest books. We made fun bookmarks, folding and gluing. It was an interesting morning with books and crafts. We will visit them again!
Cutting, folding and gluing our bookmarks
A Monster bookmark
Another Monster
Also a Monster. Do I dare to open the book?
Further information about the library and how to become a member can be found from this link.
It is a great resource for young as well as adults as the library collection holds approximately 150 000 items, including reference nonfiction and fiction in Russian, English, German, French, Scandinavian languages and other. 

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