September 25, 2012

What's happening at the library

Read about what we are learning in Lower school

Preschool Juniors 
We are reading lift-the-flap stories, looking for little surprises hidden in the books related to the story. We are reading about animals and school, and making our very own"Dear Zoo" lift-the-flap book.

Preschool Seniors
In collaboration with PS Unit of Inquiry "SENSE-ational "People get information through their five senses", we are learning how using our senses help us choose books and understand how the library works. We listen to library sounds and stories, look at the pictures and touch textured books, we sense how old and new books smell, and that books are not eatable, do not taste good.
We are learning about book care. We know that books are our friends and we care for them. Each student is working on their very own book care booklet "I Know How to Take Care of a Book" focusing on keeping library books safe and in good shape for everyone in school to read and share.
After this unit Reception students are ready to start checking books out from the library for home reading.

Grade 1
Students learn about the library and how to use its resources appropriately. We learn what a librarian does and look at various resources library offers to the students. We talk and write about student favourite library activities. Grade 1 loves the library!

Grade 2
We have been reading humorous stories with Grade 2 and talked about what makes a story funny: funny pictures and details, unexpected and a bit naughty situations, preparing your mind to a funny story/situation. We have been telling jokes and drawing funny extensions to the stories read in the library. We agree with the quote: "I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose." Woody Allen

Grade 34
In collaboration with grade 34 language arts classes we have been talking about how to choose "just right" books, exploring the different purposes readers have and how to determine what their purpose for reading is. Also, we have been learning how to evaluate whether a book is at the right reading level and length for their abilities. We will keep practicing and choosing books during our library time.

Grade 5
During our unit "What's at the library?" Grade 5 students learned that libraries offer easy-to-use and reliable resources when researching a topic for a school report. We discussed the advantages of doing research at the library and evaluated the importance of various library resources. Now, Grade 5 students are making a poster to promote ISE library.

New Information studies class in Upper school

For the very first time we are offering Information studies class in middle school. Information studies course consists of research skills course focusing on developing skills, understanding and knowledge needed for accessing, interpreting, using and sharing information from variety of sources and for variety of purposes, and individual research time.   

Information exists in a large variety of kinds (facts, opinions, stories, interpretations, and statistics) and is created for many purposes (to inform, to persuade, to sell, to present a viewpoint, and to create or change an attitude or belief). Students need to learn critical reasoning, evaluation of information to figure out the information world.

In class we have been learning about research tools at ISE library; looking at Online catalog, subscription databases available in school and useful websites accessible on Estoodle Library course.
Now we are learning about the research cycle - the process of gathering, analyzing and communicating information.
Understanding and following effective research strategies results in deeper knowledge and successful work outcomes.

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