November 6, 2016

MYP Personal projects 2016-2017

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For the third year year 5 (grade 10) students are busy developing their personal projects. For the third year I am busy coordinating the process:) This school year we have a substantial group of fourteen adolescent learners with a range of interests that lead their explorations and projects. I am very happy to have a team of supervisors supporting the students during their journeys, all of whom are not MYP teachers but ISE staff members.
Students have submitted their project plans, completed initial research and product criteria and are working on creating their products. I am very excited to see their products and reflective reports as we move on with the projects process.

Below are brief introductions of year 5 projects

Topic: Ragga style in dancing
Goal: Research about roots and origin of ragga dance style, ragga music, dance elements. Create a ragga dance routine with its elements, make a video, film and edit it, and use it to inform and inspire audience about that dance style.

Topic: Electrical Motors
Goal: Research about electrical motors (how they work and how to build your own), creation of demonstrator of a precise motor control, use this motor control to create something to show how to use it.

Topic: Fashion in the last century
Goal: To find out what fashion was like in the last century and what influenced it, and from that knowledge infer, what will future fashion be like.

Drawn by Elisabeth Roden

Topic: Film-making
Goal: Create an animated music video.

Topic: Screenwriting
Goal: Write a quality, 20-40 pages long script.

Topic: Programming
Goal: Learn how to programming a micro controller using c++ programming language.

Topic: Art, Psychology, Religion and Philosophy
Goal: To understand trough research, why people are afraid of the concept of death, how the humanized Death would look like, based on psychological, religious and philosophical beliefs. To create a painting, communicating the learning.

Topic: Medieval Armour and Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Tournaments
Goal: To show how three aspects of medieval armor can affect the outcome of a (melee) medieval tournament.

Topic: Clothing and Fashion Design
Goal: To design and create few pieces of clothing that are connected together by a specific theme and manufacture few of them into actual pieces of clothing.

Topic: Ideas,technologies and innovations of humankind.
Goal: Learning information about my topic through research and creating website or YouTube channel to communicate my learning.

Topic:Website with Cooking Videos
Goal: I will research about healthy, eco-friendly, and vegan diets/foods, video making, and creating blogs/websites in order to produce a website with nutritious and vegan cooking videos for people that would like to follow a healthy diet and reduce their carbon footprint through dietary choices.
Practice video by Anjali Venkatsubramanian

Topic: Portrait Photography
Goal: To research and learn the technical aspects of my cannon rebel camera in order to take high quality portraits that reflect the personality of the subject. To take photos of my classmates, my family members, myself to demonstrate my knowledge.

Photo by Gwyneth Dodson
Topic: Making a vlogg about how teenagers act in different societies, and their reactions to different types of questions.
Goal: I will research movie making, in order to create a vlogg that shows differences between teenagers in different societies and cultures, to show to people in order to broaden their views and beliefs about other cultures.

Topic: Acquire the skill of crocheting
Goal: To acquire the skill of crocheting, to become more experienced in hand made work, which will help me to extend and enjoy my creativity.

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