October 31, 2016

Look what happened during the library days!

October is the International School Library Month. Estonian libraries also celebrate Library Days at the end of the month. ISE Library joined in the celebration during October 20th and 21st just before the fall break. Look at the photo gallery to see what went on during the library days at ISE. A great big thank you goes to Reelika Herkel for helping to brainstorm ideas for the library days, creating Bookface display, organizing the very popular reading dogs visit, and just being around during the two busy days. I hope everyone had good time in or around the library.

Quote for the Library Days

Opening of the new reading lounge, PD section and presentation area. ISE staff was invited and welcomed with muffins and "literary apples" with book titles for leaves. teachers were invited to participate in a charades activity and draw, explain or act out the title for others to guess. Can you guess what title Ms. Janika is explaining on the board?

MYP grade 6 reads Learner Profile books for PYP students

QR code quest for MYP students

Bookface: guess who? photo display for all school community

Guess Who? Bookface display

Meet and read to the reading dog for PYP

Täpi and friends

Reading to Täpi and Brie

Brie and friends

"Let's met in the library!" in October 2017!

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