November 27, 2016

IB Learner profiles in the library - MYP

Grade 6-8 students goal for understanding the IB Learner attributes was to explain these for younger, PYP students, using simple language and to find a picture book about that profile. Grade 6 students extended this activity into a read aloud in PYP classes during Library Days as the students wanted to share their explanations and books. They also made a picture/poster to go with the profile to take into the class they read the book to. The books chosen by all grades will be displayed in the library Lower school area for an IB Learner profile show.

"First, all of us picked one profile, and then we needed to explain it in an easy language (for PYP students). I picked Open-Minded. After that we pick one picture book, that was about that profile. Also we did a poster about it. Then Ms Kadri said, that we will read this book for lower school. I needed to read to grade 1. When I went there, I was a little bit nervous, but then it was okay. When I asked for questions, one boy asked  why we need to be Open-Minded? I answered, that so we won't have fights." Dominika grade 6

Further explanations 
  • Inquirers
Ask questions to learn (Mihkel gr.6)
Wanting to find out more and asking questions (Rebeka gr.7)
  • Thinkers
Think before you act (Danil gr.8)
  • Communicators
Tell each other one’s ideas (Anna gr.6)
Talk with each other. Listen to one another. (grade 8)
  • Risk-takers
Take on challenges and never stop (Daniels gr.6)
Try new things (Donovan gr.7)
Making mistakes is OK. (Sandor gr.8)
  • Knowledgeable 
Know a lot of things about many topics (Vilja gr.6)
You are smart. (Archer gr.8)
  • Principled 
Know the right and wrong things to do (Philippa gr.6)
Always do the right thing (Gustavo gr.7)
  • Caring
Show respect and concern for others (Seth gr.6)
Respect humans/other people (Shahaf gr.7)
Be nice and helpful. Be kind. (grade 8)
  • Open-minded
Wanting to know everyone’s point of view. (Dominika gr.6)
Understanding everyone’s point of view.
  • Well-balanced
Play, learn and rest well. (Ms. Kadri)
  • Reflective
Think about how things work. (Graham gr.6)
Think about stuff and yourself.

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