November 27, 2016

Haunted library

At the beginning of this month ISE library once again transformed into the Haunted House. It is our school tradition that the Student Council  with the help of upper school students hosts a haunted house in the library for lower school students during their Fall Party. It is an event everyone is looking for (except maybe the librarian, me). See below what I mean:)

This year an 11th grade, new to ISE, decorating one of the rooms in the library asked sincerely: "Do you really let this happen in the library  every year?" I do... The library with its layout of 5 circularly passable rooms lends itself ideally for this event. Each room usually represents a theme and has a group of students responsible for it.

Reference area-haunted laboratory

Library classroom-haunted hospital

Lower school area-witches den

Middle and Upper school area-haunted dollhouse
It has been quite fun to look at the ideas and the execution of these over the years. Not so much fun coming in next Monday finding pieces of  cobwebs, spiders, not to mention misplaced books and furniture, and this year ... a pool of "blood" on the floor. Yet I think that next year for one night ISE library will turn into a haunted house again.

"Blood, No doubt about it!" Kalle Blomkvist 

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