December 18, 2014

Library buzz 2014

Welcome back!
Decided to give blogging another chance and wrap up the first semester in the library.

Middle school grade 6-7
During the first quarter we learned about ISE Online resources for research, discussing the benefits of using tailor made reliable information sources. During the second quarter we explored our digital lives using Digital Literacy and Citizenship eTextbook from Common Sense Media.

Here are some comments from the students.

“I was independent because I did my work alone without needing to be reminded to get back on the subject or to finish work. I think I worked quite hard. The benefits of this class are to learn how to be an academically honesty student.” Amelie

"Some things that I learned in this class are that we start using digital media very early, and that everybody has their own view of digital media.” Liza

I think I have displayed "communicator" by asking questions and having discussions with my classmates if needed. I worked pretty hard, tried not to give my assignments late. The benefits of this class for me was that I could learn things that I didn't know about digital media and information.” Amane

“I have learned hard enough in lessons and think I have done well on completing the activities from the book in class. The benefits of this class have been that I can easily search a specific topic on ISE resources websites and find information for projects or presentations.” Aari

Look at some of the digital life similes students created.

My digital life is like preschool because I am still learning.

My digital life is like a jungle because it is multi-layered and complicated to navigate.

My digital life is like a book with safe images from picture books, something new to learn like from an informational book, and if I don´t like something I flip the page.

Middle school grade 8
During the first quarter we learned what a digital footprint is and what ours convey. During the second quarter we learned about academic honesty, plagiarism, and importance of citing sources.

Middle school grade 9
This school year students investigate and create a 6 month long project on an area of interest applying and demonstrating research and information literacy, and self-management skills.
Once a month we are following a "Research Skills for Students" video course. We have watched and analyzed: Organizing research, Searching the Internet and Evaluating sources modules during the first semester.

Below are their Project topics:

American Sign Language



Japanese Lolita fashion

Website coding

More to come...


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