February 19, 2014

Human Library

This year a new event was introduced during annual Book Week - ISE Human Library. 

Human Library works exactly as a normal library – readers come and borrow a “Book” for a limited period of time. After reading it they return the Book to the library. There is one difference: the Books in the library are human beings, and the Books and readers enter into a personal dialogue.
Human Library for the young students is a verbal heritage tool, a way:
  • to share our stories, culture, hobbies, interests, skills in a real face to face situation,
  • to learn from each other and about each other.

As in the real library, the Books are the most important resource of the Human library. The role of the book could be demanding, but it is also interesting and fun.

Great Big THANK YOU for goes to all the wonderful Books for sharing their stories!

The Books in the ISE Human Library related to the theme "Healthy Mind in Healthy Body". Browse the library catalog to see what books students read.

1.Title: Underwater Adventures
Summary: Find out about scuba diving, look at the photos of some interesting sea creatures and try out the equipment needed for breathing underwater.

2.Title: Dance Like No one is Watching 
Summary: Find out about hip-hop, show dance and ballet. You can also see different pictures of dances from around the world.

3.Title: Archery- Not Only in Movies
Summary: Take a look into the interesting world of archery. Find out about different bows, arrows and other pieces of equipment and see some of them for yourself!

4.Title: Rowing - Sporting Heroes, Successes and Disasters.
Summary: Find out about the sport of rowing, including some of the best races ever (and one where the boats sink!), what it takes to be a champion, the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race, and the greatest Olympian of all time.

5.Title: Illustrated Guide to Yoga for Kids
Summary: Learn about yoga, a sport for body and mind. Practice some yoga moves to test your strength, balance and flexibility. 

6.Title: Austria and the Olympic Winter Games
Summary: Find out about the Olympic winter games held in Austria and the most famous Austrian Skiers who won Olympic gold medals

7.Title: Soccer Stories
Summary: Learn how exercise, practice, and a positive attitude can help you become better at the sport you love to play.

8.Title: Brain Teasers
Summary: Find out how you can "grow" your brain, by solving fun puzzles and see whether the boys or the girls have the strongest brains!

9.Title: Hiking in Mountains
Summary: Find out where the highest peaks in Europe are, how to walk in mountains and what kind of dangers might be on the trek. What makes hiking in mountains an adventure: wild nature, sleeping in snow, different cultures, fascinating views? Learn to make simple loops with climbing rope, try on climbing equipment, and look at some photos.

10. Title: Walking the World
Summary: Walking does not have to be boring! See photos and find out about some of the interesting places and people you can meet while walking.

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