August 20, 2012

Happy New, 2012 -2013, School Year!

I' d like to say a warm welcome to all our students and their families, old and new. I hope you had a relaxing yet exiting summer holiday, and managed to find a moment, even a brief one, to read a book.
This summer I personally explored e-books and magazines. I find it fascinating to be able to carry a small library (in one's mobile reading device) in a bag and for instance take it on a plane. However, enjoying a leisure book on the beach or cuddling up in an armchair with a suspense novel, my preference remains with the old-fashioned printed volume. 
At ISE we are looking into ways to introduce e-books into our library collection for studying and leisure reading purposes.

I am looking forward to see all the students in the library during their designated class time as well as at other times. 
With PYP students, even the youngest ones, we will  share stories and explore the library, learning where to find answers to our questions.
For the very first time we are glad to offer Information studies class in middle school. This is a weekly class to improve students' information literacy skills, understanding research cycle, and allowing time for in-depth research.

Please find below some reading suggestion for the beginning of school:
Billy and the Big New School by Laurence Anholt, Bad Boris Goes to School by Susie Jenkins-Pearce, The Brand New Kid by Katie Courice for elementary students.

Funny books like Pippi Goes to School by Astrid Lindgren, Junie B. Jones, Ramona, Marvin Redpost and Wayside School stories will be a big hit among upper elementary students.
Popular books from Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Harry Potter series will amuse older students.

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