February 6, 2012

Donate mother tongue books to the library!

In February International School of Estonia celebrates its annual Book Week. 6 years ago the school decided to set aside 5 days to celebrate and share wonderful writings, to promote the love of reading, and simply have fun together with books.

Mother tongue readings have always been part of this event. Although our language of instruction is English ISE as an IB World School recognizes the importance that our students have the opportunity to maintain and develop mother tongue, and the possibility to share the culture of many nations our student body consists of. Every year ISE 25 nation community eagerly shares stories and authors from their home countries.

In conjunction with ISE’s annual Book Week and in promotion of mother tongue enhancement, we are holding a book donation campaign in and beyond school premises.

To develop the World languages section in the library, and cater for our international student body reading needs, we are kindly asking all community members to donate books in their native languages. During the Book Week, these books will be on display and will be introduced and/or read out loud by parents and students. After the event, books will be available at the library, promoting first language development. We welcome children and young adult books of varying levels either fiction or nonfiction.

In case you are unable to make a donation this time we are also welcoming suggestion on classics, popular children’s books authors etc. from your country that would complement our collection in the future.

Aitäh, merci, dank u, ευχαριστω, obrigado, la ringarazio, gracias, danke, kiitos, спасибо

Please follow this link to enjoy the event of Book Week 2011 and learn about Book Week 2012.

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