October 18, 2011

Read Aloud Day

October 20th is the Read Aloud Day in Estonia.
This year, 2011, when Tallinn holds the title of European Cultural Capital the theme of the day is Tallinn - a city of legends.

The following books about customs and traditions, legends and history of Tallinn and Estonia are available at the library.
"Tallinn in Legends"
"Things Estonian"
"Following the Path of the Lost Centuries" By Leini J├╝risaar
"Hilarious Estonia" by Rohke Debelakk

Legends about Tallinn page gives you a quick glimpse of the events in Tallinn history, and legends these have inspired. Share one with your students in the morning of October 20th.

You can also share stories and legends from your home country or around the world.

Read, aloud or silently legends or stories, read at home, in school, in the library - anything, anywhere, anytime!

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