August 18, 2011

Welcome back! Check it out!

I hope everyone had a great holiday, read at least one book, and are ready for the 2011 - 2012 school year.
I recommend the following book (available at ISE library) for the start of a new school year to get ready for our little darlings, I mean students, and to remind the little darling how to make a school day memorable for all of us. Enjoy!

Booklist review:
We know this kid by now. It wasn't just because of the award-winning No, David! (1998). We know this kid because he is our brother or our cousin or our best friend, or us. Now he has to fit his irrepressible exuberance--and his boyishly disgusting habits--into the classroom, with predictable results. Teacher's brief admonitions appear in careful printing on lined scraps from a school notebook; David is the snaggle-toothed, roundheaded kid. And he can't sit down, or come in from recess on time, or remember to raise his hand. When he chews gum, it's the biggest wad you've ever seen; when he isn't paying attention, it's because the clouds outside the classroom window are resolving themselves into dinosaurs and such. Shannon's picture-book-a-clef, with its acid colors and bold, flat planes, can be laugh-out-loud funny or catch-in-your-throat memorable. The spread in which a distressed David, knees locked together, raises his hand (the teacher's line: "Again?!"), or the penultimate image, where David gets a gold star for cleaning all the desks after school, are as emotionally resonant as can be. And we know David turned out all right, because he's making these books now. GraceAnne A. DeCandido

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