January 20, 2011

Student poet

I am happy to post a poem written by one of our Grade 4 students shared by Ms. Terje their homeroom teacher.
It is amazing how well this young author describes reading using metaphors and sophisticated vocabulary. I will be looking forward hearing, reading and posting this young man's work in the future.


Reading is

endless joy.

Fun waits

between covers.

Enjoyment time.

In my opinion

it is a cage

trapping you

into the story.

An amusement for life,

a friend with many gifts,

a charm

keeping boredom away.

Different world

grasps you and

sucks you

into a land of adventures.

Ioannis Grade 4


  1. You found so nice words for my thoughts. Did you read them too? :)

  2. I love the word choice in this poem! In particular the metaphor of a book as "a charm / keeping boredom away." Fantastic.