January 17, 2011

ISE Library stands out!

International School of Estonia and its program have set an example for local schools.

Estonian Librarians´ Union School Librarians´ Section issued guidelines for promoting information literacy in Estonian school libraries; “Promoting Information Literacy in School Libraries: Guide for Secondary School Librarians” (in Estonian).
This is the first document guiding Estonian school librarians to deliver instruction and teach classes on information literacy and promoting books and reading. The Guidelines include (pg.6) ISE Library Curriculum and one lesson plan as an exemplar of regularly scheduled library/information literacy program and instruction. It also includes the Research Cycle created fo, promoting research skills.

Although Estonian school librarians are devoted to their profession and have always delivered library instruction in some form or another it is highly unusual for local school libraries to have a yearlong set program in place. Here ISE has set an example and shared experience with the local community.

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