September 17, 2010

What's happening at the Library?

Lower School students have weekly library classes. Look what we are learning.

In collaboration with PS Unit of Inquiry "SENSE-ational "People get information through their five senses", we are learning how using our senses help us choose books and understand how the library works. We listen to library sounds and stories, look at the pictures and touch textured books, we sense how old and new books smell, and that books are not eatable, do not taste good.

We are learning about book care. We know that books are our friends and we care for them. Each student is working on their very own book care booklet "I Know How to Take Care of a Book" focusing on keeping library books safe and in good shape for everyone in school to read and share.
After this unit Reception students are ready to start checking books out from the library for home reading.

Grade 1
Students learn about the library and how to use its resources appropriately. We learn what a librarian does and look at various resources library offers to the students. We talk and write about student favourite library activities. Grade 1 loves the library!

Grade 2
We have been reading humorous stories with Grade 2 and talked about what makes a story funny: funny pictures and details, unexpected and a bit naughty situations, preparing your mind to a funny story/situation. We have been telling jokes and drawing funny extensions to the stories read in the library. Ask a second grade what is the funniest book in the library and their favourite place in this book. I bet its " Pants" by Giles Andreae and no pants at all page:)

Grade 3
We have been learning about what is a fiction/non-fiction book by sorting and grouping library books, c
reating our own designs for fiction/non-fiction book cover, discussing and recording fiction/non-fiction characteristics.
Grade 3 will find out that
fiction books are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name and non-fiction books are arranged by numbers using Dewey decimal classification. They will be able to find books of interest in the right area and locate these on the shelves on their own.

Grade 4
While Grade 4 is learning to read and interpret nonfiction texts in class we are looking at nonfiction book elements in the library. We learned that a content book has many parts, how each part can help you to get different information, and be helpful while doing research.
Writing a bibliography, what it is and why do we need to write one for our project was also introduced.
During mini-research students will apply new knowledge and skills.

Grade 5
During our unit "What's at the library?" Grade 5 students learned that libraries offer easy-to-use and reliable resources when researching a topic for a school report. We discussed the advantages of doing research at the library and evaluated the importance of various library resources. Now, Grade 5 students are making posters to promote ISE library. Posters will be placed around school inviting everyone to take advantage of what library has to offer.

Upper school
This year there are many upper school classes scheduled in the library; French, Russian, Science, Biology to name a few.
Library computer lab is also often booked for class and individual research projects.
Library also supports the new SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) program by offering reading materials and space for this activity.
And as always students are in and out of the library to study, research, do homework and just to hang out...

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