August 31, 2010

Read this book!

At the end of last school year PYP students wrote book recommendations for their fellow readers. Come to the library to see what are some of the books they have read and enjoyed.

"Midnight for Charlie Bone" by Jenny Nimmo
I recommend this book for fantasy and action lovers because it is full of magic and adventures. Isabelle Geers

"Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume
I really recommend this book because it was interesting and humorous. Nils Ygeby

"The Big Book of Trains"
I recommend this book for 2nd and 3rd graders but even for my dad because he likes steam locomotives. Zack Archer

"Matilde" by Roald Dahl
I like the book because it was exciting, funny and creative. Sophie Geers

Step in the library to learn more about student recommendations or discover your own favourites.

See you in the library.

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