April 20, 2010

Welcome to the library

ISE Library is situated on the second floor. It consists of an interesting maze of five rooms that contain:
Reading lounge
Reference and research area
Upper school area
Classroom and media area
Lower school area

In the ISE Library there are 11 computer workstations for students and teachers. All the library computers have access to the school intranet and the Internet. They can be used for working with CD ROMs, word processing programs, accessing online databases, and to search the ISE Online Catalog. Students and teachers can use the library’s laser printer. There are two permanent TV/VCR/DVD stations for library use and an additional portable TV/VCR/DVD for classroom use.

The librarian is actively engaged in connecting with the teachers; she is an integral part of the teaching team, coordinating curriculum support and managing resources. The librarian is guided by a written selection policy in selecting materials. The teaching staff is consulted for assistance in developing the collections in the area of their expertise.

The collections of the ISE Library are developed with the teaching program in mind. The ISE Library has approximately 9000-volumes on hand. Carefully selected library materials are a cumulative enrichment to the learning environment.

Reference and research materials are available to the entire school population. Reference and research skills are taught using resources such as Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book Encyclopedia, encyclopedias on various subjects (e.g. world cultures, artists, career development, literature, music/musicians, science and inventions, nature, geography and many more) and dictionaries and thesauruses at different levels and in different languages.
ISE library also subscribes for the Grolier Online and World Book databases and has access to a premier academic database EBSCOhost, supplied by the Estonian Ministry of Education. EBSCO is an excellent source for our IB Diploma students.

The fiction collection includes range of leisure reading, from teenage popular fiction to attractive editions of modern and older classics. Beautiful picture books are introduced and enjoyed during story time with our very youngest students.

Many popular periodicals in English, Estonian and French are available for students in the Reading lounge e.g. Time, Twist, Seventeen, National Geographic Kids, Phosphore, Täheke, Hea Laps etc.

During the 2002/2003 school year ISE Library purchased the library automation system Mandarin M3 and automated the records to expand access to the collection and provide better record keeping.
ISE Online Catalog is accessible from the web.

ISE Library was fully renovated during the summer of 2007. The result is a modern facility with areas for younger and older students, as well as for quiet reading or individual learning.
The Library is open for students, parents and staff during the school day. There is also a schedule of weekly library classes. Teachers may book the library for class research or instruction. Students can use library individually, before and after school and during the breaks for homework and studying.

You are welcome to find out more about ISE library by visiting the Library course at the Estoodle site.
And, of course, you are all welcome drop in to the library any time.

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