October 19, 2016

New reading lounge at ISE Library

At the end of last school year in spring 2016 I started planning the remodeling of our front room. It was my work space and not very user friendly. I wanted to make it welcoming and more accessible for all library patrons.
At the same time I recognized that our professional development collection was not used very much due to the way it was shelved following Dewey Classification numbers ending up to the farthest corner in the library.
Also our DP students were complaining that there were not enough quiet individual work spaces in school and in the library. Students tended to sit in between the shelves because books offered sound isolation as explained by a grade 12 student. That made me think about how can the library meet these needs.
New Ball chairs and the PD Collection corner.
I have seen and tried the ball chairs in the airports and decided to get two for the library.
First problem was that no furniture store sold these in Estonia. Sure enough I found them available at Ali Express but I was not sure about the quality of chairs nor service there. Finally we found a local company who agreed to order these for us ...and after almost 6 months worth of waiting the chairs arrived to the library this month.

The students instantly moved in.
It was a worthy wait and purchase as these have proved to be the most popular items in school and usually there is a waiting line for them. Students really enjoy them. Main comments have been: "Can we have more", " I wish there is a curtain to draw close" and "How much did these cost?".
And the PD collection? I have had several teachers stepping in and checking professional books out. Next week during the Library days we will hold an opening of this space for teachers with a goal of increasing the use of this collection even further.

PD shelf
The chairs have legs:)
Finally - a personal quiet learning space.

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