December 9, 2015

PYP Information literacy projects - grade 3

In collaboration with grade 3 unit of inquiry on innovation and how innovations change the way people do things and approach problems students have been looking at and talking about how innovation has impacted the way people get books and read during Information studies class. We learnt that books come in various formats and may be read in different ways. Different people prefer different formats.
Grade 3 students in Information studies
Students brainstormed, recorded and compared similarities and differences of printed and e-books using Venn diagram.

Brainstorming with the help of the smart surface tables in the library.


We keep practicing accessing two e-readers available at ISE: MackinVia and Follett Shelf. Please contact for log-in information. Later on students will reflect on their experiences with electronic books with printed texts with a focus on ease of access, reading experience.

Stay tuned! What do you think - is technology helpful in promoting reading?

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