September 7, 2015

What available at the library?!

It's my pleasure to let you know of the various on-site and off-site resources available at ISE Library. All resources include materials for all grade levels, students and teachers, for curriculum support, learning, research and leisure reading.

Please visit Learning Commons and Library sites to learn what's happening at the far end of the second floor.

ISE website Online resources page includes links to ISE Online Catalog and subscription databases available at ISE - World Book Online (all school range research and e-books database) and EBSCOhost (premier academic research database for IB DP).

ISEOnline catalog offers access to all the books at the library and to our e-reader platforms, MackinVia and FollettShelf.

Please contact Ms. Kadri, , for the log-in information.

There is also a link to Ms. Tomson Recommends – Online Resources wiki offering free resources for online reading, learning and research; carefully selected by Ms. Kadri Tomson, reviewed and recommended by fellow librarians and information specialists.

Please find Ms. Kadri in the library for further questions. Come yourself and/or bring your students, children. 
Make the most of the resources our library offers. Check it out as one needs beauty AND the brains:)

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