September 1, 2015

Welcome to the new school year PYP!

The school year has started and we are at the full swing at ISE and in the Library by now.

Below is some info about how library time is allocated at PYP, primary school, level. This year I will also be looking for further collaboration with core classroom teachers to teach and learn about information literacy skills in an authentic setting while exploring UOI topics.

Lower school students come to the library for weekly library and information studies class. During that time we learn about library behaviour, book care, and an orientation to library matters and subjects according to their grade level. Research skills are essential for studying and learning; therefore these skills are reinforced in information studies lessons at the upper elementary level.

We read stories with younger students every lesson, discuss and explain what is happening in the story. Students have an opportunity to show their communication – viewing, listening and speaking; thinking and social skills, and share their experiences. Stories are often connected to the UOI topics learnt in homeroom.

Upper elementary students focus on learning research skills; how to locate, organize and use information. We search ISE Online catalogue, and learn to use reference tools available at ISE library. We talk about plagiarism and what is “good” information.

At the end of the class students have a chance to find a book for home reading. Students start taking books home beginning Reception class. The choice is up to your child, as to what she or he wants to read. Each child has a blue library bag. All new students will get a bag from the librarian, and it has to be returned at the end of the school year. Children can keep their books up to 4 weeks, but new books can’t be checked out until the previous one is returned. Therefore, younger students might need a reminder to take their books back to school at the right time.

I am looking for happy exploring and exciting discoveries at the library and occasionally some cookies:)

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