February 18, 2015

My Search Story: Grade 8 project

We have been learning about Google Search with grade 8 students using the below links for information and ideas. 
Google: Year in Search 2014
Inspired by the first link students created their search stories. They created their stories with 30hands app that combines images, photos, drawings, text (typing and/or writing) and audio into a short movie. Take a look at the three examples to learn what Google features grade 8 students use the most.

Erica´s Search Story

Anjali´s Search Story

Freddie´s Search Story

We continue with discussing pros and cons of Google Search. Students search the Internet, Google:), to find articles on that topic. They will possibly find information about other search engines as well. Then they are required to use different search engines to see if your results are the same. We will analyse and reflect on the finding of this activity in writing sharing the ideas and conclusions with the whole class.
Check back to see what did grade 8 students learn.

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