January 23, 2015

ISE Annual Book Week

We All Speak Music

February 9 -13
In concurrence with 2015 - a year of music in Estonia ISE annual book week is dedicated to music. During the week through various events we will look how stories are told through music; how music, sounds and melodies add different dimensions to stories, communicate setting, mood and other elements. We will play, create, and learn about new and interesting things.

Photo: Medina, Gala Marcapaginas Flickr cc

We are continuing with the Book Week all time favourites like Book Night, Mother tongue readings and Teddy Bear picnics. We will host a book sale, visit Tallinn National Library and Tallinn Central Library foreign language department to take a look at their music collection and join in music related book activities. Grade 10 will perform us a shadow play combining music, text and visuals to tell a story.
We are also continuing with the successful Human Library. This year the Books in Human library are related to music; genres, styles, instruments, singing... Living Books will share what inspires them, what they are passionate about and find important sharing with the reader.I am grateful for all the wonderful people who have volunteered to serve as Books in our library. I am especially happy that this year our upper school students are lending their talents to participate as Books sharing their stories with lower school friends. No library can operate without  Books.
Consider becoming a Book to share your story!
Check back for further information and updates closer to the event. 

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