September 3, 2013

Happy New 2013-2014 School Year

I am glad to say a warm welcome to our new families and welcome back the returning families. We have over 15 new students in primary and 20 in upper school. I am sure there are open-minded learners, creative readers and wise tech guys among of them.
Library is open to the whole community - students, teachers and parents to make most of one of the best English language school libraries in Estonia. 

Below you can read about ISE IT/Library department and Information studies program.

Library/IT Department holds our IT technical support specialist Mr. Lado Tskhakaia, Technology and robotics program teacher Mr. Paulo Santos and me, Kadri Tomson. I teach Information studies class at primary and middle school level, and am a school librarian.

Lower school students come to the library usually once a week. During that time we learn about library behaviour, book care, and an orientation to library matters and subjects according to their grade level. Research skills are essential for studying and learning; therefore these skills are reinforced in library lessons at the upper elementary level. 
We read stories with younger students every lesson, discuss and explain what is happening in the story. Students have an opportunity to show their listening, understanding and memory skills and share their experiences. Stories are often connected to the POI Units learnt in homeroom.
Upper elementary students learn how to locate, organize and use information. We search ISE Online catalogue, and learn to use reference tools available at ISE library.
We also learn about poetry, fantasy, mystery, fables, fairy-tales, science fiction and biographies. 
At the end of the class students have a chance to find a book for home reading. There are books for different reading levels. Students start taking books home beginning Reception class.The choice is up to your child, as to what she or he wants to read. Each child has a blue library bag. All new students will get a bag from the librarian, and it has to be returned at the end of the school year. If you want to keep the bag you will have to pay 5 euros to the office, and it is for you to keep.
Children can keep their books, as long they need to read them, but new books can’t be checked out until the previous one is returned. Therefore, younger students might need a reminder to take their books back to school at the right time.

For the second year we are offering Information studies class in middle school. This is a weekly class to improve students' information literacy skills, understanding research cycle, and allowing time for in-depth research. Information exists in a large variety of kinds and is constantly created for many purposes. This course focuses on developing skills, understanding, and knowledge needed for accessing, interpreting, using and sharing information.
Major topics covered are Research cycle, searching and evaluating information, plagiarism, citations and digital citizenship. To learn more about this course step in the library for a print out of the course overview, or visit this course on our Estoodle site.

I am glad to report the latest technology developments. We have successfully implemented 1-to-1 iPad program with the help of Mr. Tim Shepherd our iPad coordinator and many ISE teachers. Each student at ISE receives an iPad. 

The school also has a 8 station Maclab in the library and a 10 station Mac computer cafe in the upper hallway. There are 13 additional laptops available for students and teacher to be used in class. This summer a new high-speed seamless WiFi was installed to allow ease of use for various mobile devices in and outside class. 

Check-out and make most of the multiple on- and off-line resources ISE library and school offers! 

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