April 16, 2013

What's happening at the MSP Info studies

Last week we wrote Info studies reflections with middle school students. See below what they say about their studies.

I did a really good job on the Google a Day activity. The Google a Day is a thing were it gives you questions and you have to find the answer to the question using different search techniques. Josh Gr 6

Some benefits [of Info studies course] are that I can improve and learn new skills. Kento Gr 7

I have learned how to search, to get better information quicker without having to read a lot. Calle Gr 7

Some benefits are that I know how to cite a source and how to search on the web for information I need. Alexandra Gr 8

The benefits are that I learned more about Wikipedia and I know now that I shouldn't use it as a primary source as everyone can edit it. I am struggling with getting too much information at once then I won't remember everything, and when we need to write I struggle with deciding what to write. Marius Gr 8

I think the benefits that I will actually use [from this course] are citing and also knowing about Wikipedia. It will be good for my studies and help me get better information for research. Teele gr 8

The class had taught me how to cite and use Wikipedia better without getting wrong answers by people who change the information. I'm still struggling with finding out which information is right and wrong. Minh Gr 8

The benefit for me in this class is that it helps me with researching techniques. Jamie Gr 9

This course has been a big help to me especially when researching the different search engines and how to properly cite the sources used.  I have also learned a lot about how to even more narrow down the information needed on search engines such as Google.  Caroline Gr 9

I learned a lot of things, which I never knew before. Valentin Gr 9


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