March 31, 2011

Library Work Group

In January 2011 we established the ISE Library work group (Terje, Steve, Kathleen, Dee, Eric, Kadri) with a goal to make sure that the development of ISE Library/technology is intentional rather than accidental, to determine the mission/vision for our library and to identify the major policies and priorities for the next 3-5 years.

This group will meet once a month to talk about:
  1. the role of ISE library, services to its patrons, meeting students´, teachers´ needs;
  2. digital literacy;
  3. developments in the field: print vs. digital resources, balance, usefulness, financial implications;
  4. hardware, software needs to cater for digital resources + spacing.
During our first meeting we identified the following topics/issues to be addressed:
Digital (online databases/ebooks) vs. print resources:
validity, structure
Online databases: age appropriateness,
ebooks: format, compatibility, lending rights, promoting for kids, open sources, cost.
Print resources: what do we need to keep in mind related to print resources? Guidelines related to adding/discarding print content.
Book that are : just right, purpose, validity
Up to date books
variety of authors
books by the same author (author study)
lower school focus
source for inquiry/research

Education/Research Skills
Access, evaluate, use information - plagiarism, citing the sources (ISE Writing Guide)
Add plagiarism and citing sources into the assessment
Use common criteria consistently throughout school.
Offer research skills workshops to MSP (working on the program with Triin)

Library space
What do students need from the library?
Sliding door to create private space
Move computers from Tech lab to library (the only monitored area)
Social/cozy space for hang-out
Classes in the library?

Following issues/concerns were identified for the need of discussion:
* eResources at ISE library,
* lack of guidance in research skills: common criteria, tutoring, application of skills especially at Middle school level. Continuum of a program from lower to upper school,
* library space, how best to use what we have available, minor modifications to the space to better cater for the needs of patrons.

For more check the Library work group wiki link on the left.

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