May 6, 2010

What's happening at the library?

Lower school students have weekly library classes. Look what we are learning about!

Preschool 3 and Reception are learning about book care. Books are our friends and we take care of them. We are also reading books of students choice from the library collection.

Preschool 4 is learning about "Wild Things". We read the book "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak and watched the lately released Spike Jonze film. Don't we all occasionally turn into Wild Things and yearn for someone to solve our problems - make everything OK?

Grade 1
is learning about non-fiction books and their features. Before students begin writing their own nonfiction pieces(reports), they have to learn to read nonfiction texts. We take a very close look at non-fiction books. What new things have you discovered lately!

Grade 2 has taken a closer look at the resources available at the library through searching ISE Library Online Catalog. Amazing how many Roald Dahl books there are in the library!

Grade 3 is learning to use the World Book Online database ISE Library subscribes to. We know that database gives access to a large amount of verified information.

Grade 4 learned
the importance of using dictionary and thesaurus as tools in creative writing by making acrostic poems.

Dominates dullness
Icicles look ugly next to it
Cities from A-Z
Takes away wasted time
It's never ignorant
Often open
No nonsense
Apple green
Raining with words
You haven't used one? by David Rasborcan

They have also learned that a content book or a book of information has many parts.
Each part of a book can help you to get different information necessary for a successful research.

Grade 5 has been looking at successful research strategies and tools for their Exhibition throughout the year. They know that libraries offer easy-to-use and reliable resources when researching a topic for a school report. ISE Library offers encyclopedias, books, videos, access to subscription databases and Internet sources. Students have practiced how to rate website and will learn how to search the Internet using subject directories and search engines.

And Upper School students? They are in and out to study, have classes, check out a book, read a magazine, research and occasionally misuse the computes, chat with friends and make the librarians' job stimulating:)

All are welcome!

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  1. David's poem would be a wonderful addition to the PoeTree at Vabaduse plats. Anyone heading that way?